Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Improving the Snom IP Phone Retrieve Button Functionality

(Otherwise entitled "Getting the Snom Retrieve Button To Work Even When There Are Only Old Messages to Retrieve")

If you use Snom IP phones, you may have discovered, as I recently did, that the Retrieve button doesn't work, at least by default, unless there are new messages in the mailbox. If the user wants to listen to a saved voicemail, they are out of luck and have to dial the special voicemail extension directly. The Retrieve button just sits there and does nada.

This created some confusion in a recent installation since folks learned to use the Retrieve button to access voicemail and then later, after a day or so of use, wanted to listen to voicemails they had saved. :-) Sure, I had set-up an extension to dial the voicemail system directly (intended for when people were out of the office) but it was pretty silly to have two different ways for users to get used to accessing their voicemail, depending only on whether they had new messages or not.

I poked around a bit and the fix was very simple.... In the web management interface go to Setup->Identity X-->Mailbox and set it to your internal mailbox extension.

(As an aside: I am overall pretty happy with the Snom 320 IP phones. Be careful what firmware revisions you are running -- stay away from 7.x unless you know what you are doing and keep things consistent across your installation).


Anonymous said...

I've set this up on our SNOM network, but it doesn't seem to work, so we get the retrieve button that only retrieves new messsages... I'm thinking the the problem is that all of our mailbox numbers are exactly the same as the equivalent extension number... would this make a difference?

Josh Richards said...

If I'm understanding your situation, yes. That's really the point of the blog post. Just reconfigure the phones (not the PBX) so that they use the global voicemail extension.

(this was also nearly 2 years ago; it's possible behavior is different these days).