Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Digium (Asterisk) Is Sending Busy Signals

Digium, the commercial company behind the open-source Asterisk IP PBX, has been ultra busy of late. They came out with a self-contained hardware based Asterisk appliance targeted at developers, telephony carriers, etc. to build custom IP PBXes for their customer bases. They followed this with a full blown out-of-the-box installable hardware IP PBX appliance (the AA50) intended for the mass market. They bought SwitchVox, a leading IP PBX appliance vendor with some nice innovative user interface and functionality features, then announced a deal with 3Com who will be OEM'ing their appliance as the foundation of their IP PBX offering.

Digium, has been selling components, such as as cards to interface between the traditional phone network, development and support services for Asterisk, and commercial licenses for vendors OEM'ing Asterisk code into their own PBXes and other telephony applications for several years now. Now, it's time to get serious I guess.

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